Friday, July 19, 2013

kuhr mein ghira mera kamra jis ka zarra zarra teri khushboo mein basa hai!

kuhr mein ghira mera kamra
jis ka zarra zarra
teri khushboo mein basa hai!
wohi chand kitabain
jin ke safhay safhay per tere tasveer kashida hai!
wohi qalam
jis ki siahi tere siwa kuch likh nahi sakti!
aur sab se badh ker
wohi mein, mera badan
jis ki pour pour teray lazzat fisha'n lams se makhmoor!
wohi mere baal
jin ki shikan shikan tere unglion ki mahak se muamber!
mere is hamraaz kamray mein
wo sab kuch to hai
jis ki mujhay kami hai!


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About Roman Urdu Poetry

Roman Urdu is the name used for the Urdū language written with the Roman script.

According to the Urdū scholar Habib R. Sulemani: "Roman Urdu is strongly opposed by the traditional Arabic script lovers. Despite this opposition it is still used by most on the internet and computers due to limitations of most technologies as they do not have the Urdu script. Although, this script is under development and thus the net users are using the Roman script in their own ways. Popular websites like Jang Group have devised their own schemes for Roman Urdu. This is of great advantage for those who are not able to read the Arabic script. MSN, Yahoo and some desi-chat-rooms are working as laboratories for the evolving new script and language (Roman Urdu)."[1]

Although the idea of romanizing Urdu had been suggested several times, it was General Ayub Khan who most seriously suggested adopting the Roman script for Urdu and all Pakistani languages during his rule of the country.[2][3][4] The suggestion was inspired to an extent by Atatürk's adoption of Roman for Turkish in Turkey.


A lot of people Around the Globe Loves Urdu Poetry, but as written in the Wikipedia, due to the lack of knowledge and comfort of Advance technologies people tend to write and read in roman urdu in order to communicate, learn and write. it gets easy for the urdu speakers to write their Message in Roman Urdu rather than using Softwares to write in Original urdu font.

At last for people who are into reading and writting urdu Poetry, "Roman Urdu" makes it easier for them to enjoy their spare time or for Professionals their Precious time.